NEO Synthetics – Strakka Racing’s Le Mans Prototype1 (LMP1) winning formula

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Strakka Racing who race Le Mans Prototype 1 (LMP1) uses NEO Synthetics because…

  • It withstands high temperatures and high pressures
  • No residue in the gear boxes
  • Excellent cooling rates

“The wear and condition of all the internal gearbox parts has never faltered. Neo has proven to be both durable and reliable especially in endurance racing” – Paul Willett, Strakka Racing Technician

What a great year 2012 has been for Strakka Racing. Achievements include:
  • 1st overall for 2012Finished 2nd at FIA World Endurance Championship for Private LMP1 teams
  • 100% finishing record during the season with podium finished for all 8 races
  • 3rd overall in the Michelin Green X Challenge


These Neo Synthetics products are what Strakka Racing used:
  • Neo 75w90RHD Gear Oil
    An “All Seasons” gear oil that takes 80% more load than the competition! Meets and exceeds Mil-L-2105B, Mil-L2105-C, GL-5, GL-6, and SAE J306A. Race proven track record – used by CART, IRL, NASCAR, Formula 1, LeMans, WRC and Off-Road Trophy.
  • Neo Superdot Brake Fluid
    A maximum performance product for extreme braking conditions. All the factors below allow NEO Superdot 610 to outperform and outlast any brake fluid on the market today…

    • For use in motorsport and other applications. Suitable for all disc and drum brake systems except where mineral oil is prescribed.
    • Exceeds DOT 4 minimum requirements. Wet boiling point of 421°F/216°C. Dry boiling point of 598°F/314°C higher than any other glycol based brake fluid
    • Meets and/or exceeds all current US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 for DOT 3, DOT 4, plus SAE J1703 and J1704
    • The low vapor rate reduces the possibility of vapor lock
    • Low hydroscopic nature maintains superior brake system performance for longer
    • Low compressibility & heightened resistance to corrosion.