NEO Synthetics High Performance Motor Oils

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NEO Synthetics High Performance Motor Oils

NEO Synthetics High Performance Motor Oil variants:

  • 5w20
  • 5w30 – Outperforms all conventional premium motor oils. Superior protection for gasoline and diesel engines. Helps start engines in extreme cold flows at -65°F. Great for hot running engines and reduces turbo lag for more horsepower. Meets ECIII for fuel economy.
  • 5w40
  • 10w30 – The viscosity most approved by new car manufacturers. Gives best protection for gasoline, diesel, turbocharged and hotter running engines. Excellent cold weather protection, better fuel mileage, Meets ECIII for fuel economy.
  • 10w40 – The best all – around viscosity grade motor oil for winter and summer driving. Exceeds most automotive and diesel requirements for SG, SH, SJ, CF-2, CF, CF-4, CG-4 and ECIII.
  • 10w50
  • 15w40 – A multi-viscosity, heavy duty diesel and gasoline engine oil that meets and exceeds API service classification CG-4, CF-4, CE, DF-2, CD-11,CF, CD, SH, SG, MIL-L-46152E and MIL – L-2104F, in addition to all the classifications listed with 30W/HD oil.
  • 20w50 – The ultimate oil for protection against wear, scuffing and resistance to heat. Great for tow trucks and endurance racing where oil is subjected to high heat for long periods of time.
  • 30w

Fully formulated based on NEO’s chemical technology, NEO Synthetics High Performance Motor Oils operate with more stamina due to its unique composition of proprietary friction modifiers which greatly reduces friction and improves fuel consumption. It provides:

  • Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability
  • Fights wear of vital, closely fitting engine parts while ZDDP additive provides tough anti-wear protection
  • Lowers oil vaporization and consumption at extreme temperatures
  • Reduces formation of sludge and varnish deposits
  • Exceeds today’s requirements in high-performance racing engines
  • Performance additives protect the valvetrain in extreme conditions.

NEO Synthetics High Performance Motor Oils are specially designed for high RPM, turbo, supercharged and extreme temperature situations.

“I never believed engine oils could make my driving experience better until I used NEO SYNTHETICS!” – Dixon, Mercedes Benz S280 W220 and Audi A4 2.0 TFSi B8

“NEO Engine Oil reduced the oil temp by 5°C.” – 550WHP Evo9, Toby Lee, GT Auto engine builder & tuner


NEO Synthetics Racing Oils

NEO Synthetics Racing Oil variants:

  • 0w10
  • 0w30
  • 0w40
  • 15w50

This is a beefed up version of the high performance motor oil and built for all forms of racing. The ultimate performance under pressure!