NEO Synthetics – the winning formula for GT Auto’s Nissan R35

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The reasons why GT Auto choose to use NEO Synthetics in their Nissan R35.

  • Clocked 2:26 on “worn” street tyres at the 4WD Category at the Mega Lap Sepang 2012
  • Gears still shift smooth as butter even when the gear oil temperature is at 140 degrees Celsius
  • The Nissan R35 has stock transmission. There has been no upgrades
  • Transmission oil pan is also stock standard
  • There is no transmission oil cooler in this car
  • Update Nov 2012: 650WHP @ 902Nm of torque


The following Neo Synthetics products are used in GT Auto’s Nissan R35:
  • Neo 15w50 Racing Engine Oil
    For the ultimate performance under pressure, this beefed up version of the high performance motor oil and its built for all forms of racing.
  • Neo DCT Gear Oil
    Suitable in manual transmissions, drive axles, differentials (including LSD), transfer case, overdrives, final drives in cars, trucks and buses as well as industrial gear boxes on conveyors and assembly lines.
  • Neo Superdot Brake Fluid
    A maximum performance product for extreme braking conditions. All the factors below allow NEO Superdot 610 to outperform and outlast any brake fluid on the market today…

    • For use in motorsport and other applications. Suitable for all disc and drum brake systems except where mineral oil is prescribed.
    • Exceeds DOT 4 minimum requirements. Wet boiling point of 421°F/216°C. Dry boiling point of 598°F/314°C higher than any other glycol based brake fluid
    • Meets and/or exceeds all current US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 for DOT 3, DOT 4, plus SAE J1703 and J1704
    • The low vapor rate reduces the possibility of vapor lock
    • Low hydroscopic nature maintains superior brake system performance for longer
    • Low compressibility & heightened resistance to corrosion.