NEO Synthetics Greases

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NEO Synthetics Greases are available in the following variants:

NEO Synthetics HPCC#1 CV Joint Grease

NEO Synthetics HPCC#1 CV Joint Grease is a NLGI #1½ grease with anti-sieze properties to 1200°F. It will react to shear loading and stiffens to #2 grade grease. NEO’s HPCC#1 CV Joint Grease has been in use since Turbo-F1 era, WRC, LeMans and Nascar, SCCA and NHRA. 30% of the F1 grid and most of the WRC teams use HPCC#1.

The Ultimate Swivel Spline Grease – used by ALL the Outlaw Teams on their Swivel Ball Splines. It is so good that teams go 8 to 20 races without having to do any maintenance on their drive shaft. It will pay for itself!


NEO Synthetics HP800 Wheel Bearing Grease

NEO Synthetics HP800 Wheel Bearing Grease is a 800°F high speed wheel bearing grease designed for peripheral speeds and loadings encountered in circle track racing.

Special applications using this grease include F1, Off Road, Indy, LeMans and NASCAR.


NEO Synthetics CV500 Joint Grease

NEO Synthetics CV500 Joint Grease is a good off-road grease (eg: for use in ATVs). It has anti-sieze properties up to 1200°F and does not weld at 800kgs in the 4 ball EP load test! This is a NLGI #2 grade Grease.


NEO Synthetics Water Craft Grease

NEO Synthetics Water Craft Grease is used in industries requiring a clean, tenacious, anti-wear grease.

  • U.S.D.A. H-1 compliant. Applicable in food processing plants and water industries
  • Pure synthetic, completely waterproof and chemical resistant. Sub-micron size PTFE!
  • Can be used in wet or dry conditions from -22°F to 350°F .


NEO Synthetics Z12

NEO Synthetics Z12 is an excellent All-Purpose Lithium Grease that can replace a variety of greases in industrial and automotive sectors. Some characteristics of the Z12 are:

  • Plating action makes it highly resistant to moisture and water washout. Can be used where NLGI Grade EP #2 is recommended
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Excellent for both high and low temperatures (0°F – 550°F)

“I only use Neo Synthetic Red Z-12 grease. Switched 12 years ago and have had zero bearing failures since.” – Rexone,