NEO Synthetics Gear Oils

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NEO Synthetics Gear Oils are suitable to be used in manual transmissions, drive axles, differentials (including LSD), transfer case, overdrives, final drives in cars, trucks and buses as well as industrial gear boxes on conveyors and assembly lines.

NEO Synthetics 75W90HD, 75W140HD and 250WT Gear Oils

These NEO Synthetics Gear Oils are a heavy duty 100% synthetic base gear oil and takes 40% more load than its competitors. It also exceeds automotive specification GL-2 to GL-5 requirements and military MIL-L2105E specification. The following are some characteristics of the NEO Synthetics 75W90HD, 75W140HD and 250WT Gear Oils:

  • Reduces friction
  • High load capacity
  • Increases fuel mileage
  • Extended service life
  • Superior film strength
  • Extends gear life
  • Runs cooler
  • Seal compatibility
  • Eases cold temperature shifting

The 250WT is used by trophy trucks and motor racing teams who participate in SCORE and Best In The Desert races.

“The 75W90HD & RHD oils are excellent. In the last 15 years, The Neo RHD has been the standard in most race car transaxles! The 75w90RHD is the only gear oil recommended by Xtrac, supplier to most WRC and F1 teams.” – tdi-rick,


NEO Synthetics 75W90RHD Gear Oil

NEO Synthetics 75W90RHD Gear Oil is an “All Seasons” gear oil that takes 80% more load than the competition! It does not just meet but exceeds Mil-L-2105B, Mil-L2105-C, GL-5, GL-6, and SAE J306A specifications. RACE PROVEN! This 75W90RHD is used by CART, IRL, NASCAR, Formula 1, LeMans, WRC and Off-Road Trophy.

“Smoother shifting, no crunching plus an 11% fuel economy gain when using Neo Synthetics 75w90RHD.” – 550WHP Evo9, Toby Lee, GT Auto, engine builder and tuner

“Strakka were using a brand C 75W140 gear oil and changed to Neo 75W90RHD. Temperatures dropped 10°C, but more importantly the flow rate in the gearbox went up, so the oil could cool quicker. Teams also noticed that their gearboxes always look good after races when using Neo.” – LeMans team, Strakka Racing


NEO Synthetics LW-18 Gear Oil

This NEO Synthetics LW-18 Gear Oil is a low viscosity gear oil designed to reduce drag in the drive train for more horsepower to the rear wheels. Many race teams have seen reduced temperatures in the transmission and differentials. Developed and used in F1 for over 10 years, NEO Synthetics LW-18 can be used as a qualifying or race oil. It is currently used in IRL, NASCAR and is found in winning cars at Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.

Often copied but never duplicated.

“With NEO LW18 in the transmission and rear end, the engine never went over 170⁰F. Nothing changed in both the draft and qualifying runs. We also picked up a bit on our lap times.” – NASCAR team


NEO Synthetics Transmission Fluids variants

NEO Synthetics Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

Neo Synthetics Automatic Transmission Fluid variants:

  • ATF
  • Multi Vehicle
  • Hi Vis MVP
  • Low Vis MVP

Neo Synthetics Automatic Transmission Fluid are manufactured from premium quality synthetic base oils with a specifically balanced additive combination to meet Multi Vehicle OEM specifications. Friction-modifying additives provide smooth lock-up of clutches without chatter. This ATF is good for high temperature turbo automatics. Neo ATF provide:

  • Excellent wear protection and smooth quiet operation
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability when compared to conventional ATF Fluids
  • Excellent foam resistance.

“I use Neo in my personal vehicles and they seem to run quieter and go longer between oil changes. With Neo Synthetic ATF, the tranny runs 20° cooler than with my previous ATF.” – pciscott,


NEO Synthetics Manual Transmission Fluid

NEO Synthetics Manual Transmission Fluid is a 100% synthetic base formula for low viscosity applications. It is compounded with the latest additive system which provides the ultimate in gear protection from pressure, corrosion and shock load. A friction modifier is employed to reduce sliding friction, giving greater energy transfer while lowering fuel consumption. For use in manual transmissions when low viscosity oil is specified, such as ATF or motor oils (5/20, 5/30, 10/30 and 10/40).

“I switched to NEO MTF because of issues engaging 2nd and 3rd gear. At 65K, I changed fluid and noticed a huge difference in engagement. Now at 80K, it still feels like brand new. Am very impressed!” – Jason Hughes, Hughes Racing Components on a 03 Dodge 2500 with a 6 speed NV5600 trans