NEO Synthetics Auxilary Products

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NEO Synthetics Auxilary Products listing:

NEO Synthetics SuperDot 610

NEO Synthetics SuperDot 610 is a DOT 4 vehicle brake fluid. It is for use in motorsport and other applications. NEO’s SuperDot 610 is suitable for all disc and drum brake systems except where mineral oil is prescribed. It is a maximum performance product for extreme braking conditions. All these factors below are what enables NEO Synthetics SuperDot 610 to outperform and outlast any brake fluid on the market today:

  • Exceeds DOT 4 minimum requirements. Wet boiling point of 421°F/216°C. Dry boiling point of 598°F/314°C higher than any other glycol based brake fluid.
  • Meets and/or exceeds all current US Federal Standards FMVSS 116 for DOT 3, DOT 4, plus SAE J1703 and J1704
  • The low vapor rate reduces the possibility of vapor lock
  • Low hydroscopic nature maintains superior brake system performance for longer
  • Low compressibility and heightened resistance to corrosion.

Used by BAR Honda in F1 and many other formulas, NEO Superdot 610 bubbles only at a boiling 280°C in a vacuum test environment, where others bubble at 180°C.

LeMans Teams using NEO Superdot 610 report the pedal stays firm all day and doesn’t need regular bleeding”


NEO Synthetics Keep Cool

NEO Synthetics Keep Cool is specially formulated for cooling down systems. An exclusive NEO Synthetics Oils process of concentrated inhibitors to give maximum resistance to rust, corrosion and mineral deposits in water transfer systems.

  • Top engine builders have seen up to 30°F temperature drop in some systems
  • Improves heat radiation by preventing substances from building up on the interior of cylinder blocks, water pumps, impellers, liners, heads, radiators, and water transfer systems
  • Protects system interiors against pitting and staining
  • It will not affect any rubber or neoprene hoses or packings.

“This car used to overheat while idling. Keep Cool dropped the water temp by 8°C! Pushed it further with a stationary idle test at 4000rpms for 5 minutes. No overheating issues, truly amazing!” – BMW 3 Series E46 (Nissan RB25 Turbo Engine), Kelvin Chua, mechanic


NEO Synthetics Power Steering Fluid

NEO Synthetics Power Steering Fluid is a premium “synthetic” PSF formulation containing high quality synthetic base oil with premium additives. Special formulations are available for Honda & Acura, European, US and Asian OEMs.

  • Provides controlled seal swelling
  • Provides optimum protection in all power steering systems
  • Resists foaming, oxidation, corrosion and rusting.


NEO Synthetics Engine Oil Additive

NEO Synthetics Engine Oil Additive is one of the best additives for proper engine break-in. NEO Guard protects camshafts, lifters and valve train during the break-in period of a motor.

  • Excellent for flat tappet camshafts during break-in
  • Prevents premature wear
  • Use as an additive to any motor oil to boost ZDDP levels. There is no risk adding it to other motor oils as ZDDP is compatible with all base stocks and additive packages
  • Contains OGM – an additive that reduces friction in the engine.