Neo Synthetic Oils

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The World Leader in Synthetic Lubricants for over 30 years

NEO’s 100% Synthetic Oils and Greases are a chemistry blend of lubricants, designed with exceptional capability to target and provide unmatched lubrication to a specific area or application in need of severe protection. This consequently provides general high-performance lubricating needs, with protection way beyond the limits of what is necessary. Neo Synthetic Oil is the industry’s best kept secret.


So why choose NEO Synthetics?

  • Uncompromised base stocks and additives
  • Lower operating temperature properties, volatility, total acid numbers and bromine numbers
  • Improved thermal and oxidative stability
  • Measurable horsepower and performance gains
  • Extreme tested formulations for performance
  • Superior lubrication and longevity


Who uses NEO Synthetics

• F1 & F3   • CART  • F3000  • WRC  • IRL  • NASCAR  • ALMS  • LeMans  • Grand AM • Touring Cars  • JGTC
• Super Lap Battle Time Attack  • Dakar Rally  • Daytona 24hrs • Sebring 12hrs  • SCORE International

Also recommended by
• LOL A  • Xtrac  • Prodrive  • Cosworth  • Jun  • Re Anemiya  • Patton Race Engines • Adam Wiks Racing
• Redline Time Attack Champion – Team Factor X “NSX”  • GT Auto

Even 1/8 scale petrol engine models benefit from using NEO products.


Extending the life and performance of your parts

NEO Synthetics is more than just lubrication; it is the superior advantage, with developmental technology second to none. Interest continues to grow because of NEO ’s successful track record and continuous innovative developments in the field.

“Thank you Neo Synthetics for providing us with all of our fluid needs! Everything from the Neo Synthetic Engine oil to the CV500 grease plays an integral role to our success. We have tried many others in the past and nothing is better than Neo Synthetic Oils!” – by Ken Namimatsu, FX Motorsports Development

“Neo is magic! We lost oil pressure on lap one at Laughlin in the Protruck. After a quick pit stop to check that the oil was full, we ran it hard to the finish line for three more laps. After the race, we found out the oil pump drive rod had broke and we had run 3 laps with zero oil pressure at 6000 RPM and the motor still looked good! Even Leon Patton recommends NEO Synthetic Oil after he saw how good our motors look!”” – pciscott,


These off-road teams use and recommend NEO Synthetic Oils!

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