Installing an Elixir R35 Stealth Flex Fuel Kit

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This is a step-by-step installation guide for the R35 Stealth Flex Fuel Kit from Elixir Industries.
Descriptions for the above image match numbers below.


Overall Elixir R35 Stealth Flex Fuel Kit Description

In the short sensor version for LHD, the sensor is mounted under battery.
For the long sensor version for RHD, the sensor is mounted on top of ABS lines.

No.1 – Plug-and-Play connector to a 4-Pin Air-Pump connector on Left Hand Side of Vehicle Firewall sub-section, near Battery (RHD) or near ABS (LHD).


Description of Hoses in the Elixir R35 Stealth Flex Fuel Kit

No.2 – 5/16″ Male Snaplock Bulkhead – Stock return line from fuel rail locks into this. Remember to clip on the Green Snaplock insert!

No.3 – 90° 5/16″ Snaplock – Locks into chasis return hardline.

No.4 – Supplied 45° Snaplock Short Hose – To feed fuel from return hardline to 3/8″ Male Snaplock Bulkhead fitting.


Elixir R35 Stealth Flex Fuel Kit – Installation Overview

Electrical overview: Plug the ECA-2 into this connector, unplug from the air pump.

RHD Overall View - Sensor placement and bulkheads.

Front View: Unit is mounted on the bulkheads.

RHD Sensor Mount View: Mount unit onto ABS Pipe lines using cable ties.


Elixir Industries R35 Stealth Flex Fuel Kit STEP-BY-STEP INSTALLATION GUIDE

STEP 1: These are the ideal bulkheads position on firewall.  No.1 - Fuel return bulkhead. To 45° snaplock line (included) that goes to the chassis return hardline. No.2 - Fuel line feed bulkhead from fuel rail return line. Rotate 90° and insert into bulkhead.

STEP 2: Small positioning drill.

STEP 3: Next, use a medium drill.

STEP 4: Now, use a large drill to clear the bulkhead.

STEP 5: No.1 - This green snaplock insert comes from the original hardline on the chassis return line. INSERT it to the mount on 5/16

STEP 6A: Top View - 45° supplied snaplock hose position.

STEP 6B: Insert 45° chassis to bulkhead supplied hose to Return Hardline. Now, remove the original green snaplock insert! Next, insert the supplied 90° 5/16” snaplock end of the short snaplock hose into the Factory Return Hardline.


How to plug/unplug the Elixir Flex Fuel Sensor (VIDEO)