E85 Racing Fuel from Elixir Industries is now available!

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E85 Racing Fuel from Elixir Industries is now available! Get your daily dose race fuel for all your high-octane needs right here.


Why use Elixir Industries’ E85 Racing Fuel as your number 1 choice of race fuel?

You’ll be able to run higher compression, a lot more boost, and higher ignition timing. Timing is important if an engine is to run efficiently. With E85 Racing Fuel from Elixir Industries in your tank, you will get an instant 7-15% more torque and power due to the high oxygen content. At under RM10 per liter, Elixir Industries’ E85 Racing Fuel is very much cheaper when compared to VP, Sunoco and AV Gas (FGas)!

Capacity options available

Elixir E85 Racing Fuel is available in 30 litre jerry cans or 200 litre drums (pictured above)!


So why switch over to E85?

E85 is a renewable fuel source that is also environmentally friendly. Its performance is comparable to race gas at a fraction of the cost. Your engine will run cooler and your ETs will be less affected by atmospheric changes. E85 is not corrosive like methanol and does not leave carbon deposits like gas so maintenance is reduced across the board. With the proper tune-up, your oil stays looking like new.


Other E85 products available…

Don’t forget to ask the team at TORQ8 about our E85 race fuel specific fuel pumps, injectors, fuel lines, flex-fuel sensors, fittings and ECUs!


General notes about E85

What is the difference in ethanol and methanol?
Both fuels have excellent intake air charge cooling effect. Ethanol (grain or ethyl alcohol) is a biofuel made through by distilling renewable resources like corn, sugar cane and switch grass. Fuel ethanol is 180 proof when produced. 15% regular 87 octane gasoline is added to E100 to add a little lubricant as well as ease the initial cold startup. Methanol (wood alcohol) is produced through a chemical process. By its nature methanol is more corrosive and provides 35% less energy then E85 so you have to burn 35% more of it to make comparable power.

What type of performance can one expect when switching to E85?
E85 with its 105 octane rating and high tolerance to detonation is superior to premium pump gas and equal to and in most cases better than 110 octane race gas.