E85 Flex Fuel Sensor from Elixir Industries. Check it out!

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With Elixir’s E85 Flex Fuel Sensor, you can stop worrying about inconsistent E85 quality!


Why use Elixir E85 Flex Fuel Sensor?

Elixir’s E85 Flex Fuel Sensor will tell your ECU what you’re actually getting in terms of ethanol/petrol mixture (from 0-100% ethanol content) so that your Flex Fuel ECU can compensate and adjust fuel and timing in the correct¬†proportions.

So, what is a flex-fuel sensor?

A Flex Fuel Sensor is a device that measures the ethanol to gasoline ratio of the fuel in the fuel line to the injectors. The sensor is installed between the fuel pressure regulator and the fuel tank, where it monitors the ethanol content of the fuel returning to the tank. This information gets passed to your ECU which applies fuel, ignition and boost corrections to make the best power for the ethanol content available. Flexible fuel vehicles can operated with a blend of ethanol and gasoline, up to 85 percent ethanol. To optimize the ignition timing and the fuel injection amount, a flex-fuel sensor requires information about the percentage of ethanol in the fuel. Higher octane fuel is more resistant to knock allowing for more aggressive ignition timing, higher compression and increased engine power over gasoline itself. For drivers who want better performance, determining actual ethanol content of E85 is essential to maximizing an engine tune and horsepower.

Alternative E85 Flex Fuel Sensor fitting


Other E85 Flex Fuel products available…

If you’re looking for Flex Fuel ECUs, do ask us as we have several options (Haltech, EMS, Motec, Syvecs) available for you to choose from.