The Zt-3 supports wideband air fuel ratio and lambda readings, adjustable simulated narrowband output and a new configurable linear wideband output for ease of use with engine management systems and 3rd party gauges.

This Award-Winning Zeitronix ECA-2 helps get the most out of your engine and fuel. For performance drivers, determining actual ethanol content of E85 is essential to maximizing an engine tune and horsepower.

This Fuel Injector Kit has been designed especially for Nissan GTR R35 by TORQ8. You’ll need 6 sets for your Nissan GTR R35. This fuel injector kit will make your installation easier and smoother as well as reduce mistakes.

Kelford camshafts can be used in high performance turbocharged and naturally aspirated multi valve engines. These camshafts are designed and machined to surpass industry standards using state-of-the-art CAE software and CNC manufacturing process.

ASNU Fuel Injectors’ improved fuel atomisation gives optimum air/fuel mix for maximum power gains, driving performance, low idle speeds and smooth transitions.

SPAL automotive fans exceed the most stringent technical and quality requirements. Try one and see why SPAL is the industry leader in high performance fans!

NEO’s 100% Synthetic Oils and Greases are designed to target and provide unmatched lubrication to a specific area or application in need of protection.

NEO Synthetics Gear Oils are suitable for manual transmissions, drive axles, differentials, transfer case, overdrives, final drives and in industrial gear boxes. Learn more about its amazing properties and why people love using it.

NEO Synthetics Greases come in a variety of shear loading reactions, stiffness, anti-sieze, rust and corrosion protection plus water resistant properties.

Neo Synthetics also offer a Dot 4 vehicle brake fluid – SuperDot 610, a fluid for cooling systems – Keep Cool, power steering fluids for japanese and european cars, and an engine oil additive.